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Clinical Communication, Ahus

Akershus University Hospital has since 2006 studied clinical communication.

About the group

The research focuses on

  • Information and shared decision making
  • Effects of communication skills training
  • Clinical decisions and processes around them
  • Detail studies of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Challenges when interlocutors do not share mother tongue

We focus on doctor-patient communication.


Our research has been funded by The Regional Health Trust of Southeast Norway (5 projects), The Norwegian Research Council (2 projects), and Extrastiftelsen DAM (1 project), covering in total 8 PhDs, 3 postdoctors, and 1 50% researcher position. One Fulbright scholarship also led to a US research visitor for one academic year 2015-16.


Our group has broad international collaboration, primarily with researchers in the US, the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark. Nationally, we collaborate with researcher at the universities in Oslo and Bergen, Bergen Health Trust and Nordland Health Trust.

With support from The Regional Health Trust of Southeast Norway we have been able to build a Scandinavian research network, in collaboration with professor emeritus Arnstein Finset, formerly at the Department of Behavioural Medicine, University of Oslo. This network is called Oslo Communication in Healthcare Education and Research group (OCHER).


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Group leader


  • Pål Gulbrandsen
  • Anne Marie Landmark
  • Jennifer Gerwing
  • Ellen Kristvik
  • Jenny Maria Nordfalk
  • Erik Skjeggestad
  • Julia Menichetti
Detailed list of participants