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Dynamic gene regulation

We study changes in coding properties for DNA, RNA and amino acids of proteins, and the factors responsible for these changes.

Recent research has unraveled a remarkable diversity of chemical modifications that modify the coding properties of bases in DNA and RNA and the amino acids of a protein.

Our aim is to identify writers, readers and erasers of such marks and to gain understanding of their biological relevance.

We are particularly interested in reprogramming of the human genome in meiosis and the preimplantation embryo. Moreover, novel mechanisms for gene-regulation might be crucial for understanding cancer development.

Our current studies also include several novel models for post translational modifications in RNA. The reversible nature of some chemical modifications of RNA is a very recent discovery. Most of our studies rely on novel mutants in various model organisms.


  • Identify molecular mechanisms underlying coding properties of methylated adenines in mRNA
  • Understand meiotic failure in mice lacking mRNA demethylases
  • Investigate gene-regulation in the maturation of sperm and egg, including meiosis
  • Study genome regulation in the maternal to zygotic transition
  • Stem cell biology


We collaborate with several national and international research groups.

  • Bing Ren, University of California, San Diego, USA
  • Leona Samson, MIT, Boston, USA
  • Chuan He, University of Chicago, USA
  • Yungui Yang, Beijing Genome Institute, Beijing, China
  • Klaus Hansen, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Primo Schar, University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • Peter Fedorczak, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo
  • Magnar Bjørås, University of Oslo, Oslo University Hospital and NTNU, Norway
  • Jorrit Enserink, University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital, Norway
  • Erlend Nagelhus, University of Oslo, Norway
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Group leader


  • Arne Klungland
  • Endalkachew Ashenafi Alemu
  • Adam Robertson
  • Adam Filipczyk
  • Linda Ellevog
  • Luisa Luna
  • Madeleine Fosslie
  • John Arne Dahl
  • Xu Zhao
  • Miaomiao Li
  • Guro Flor Lien
  • Gaute Nesse
  • Sonia Peña Perez
  • Caroline Løkvam-Køster
  • Nicki Engelsen
  • Dorota Konorska
  • Kangxuan Jin
  • Terezia Prikylova
  • Adeel Manaf
  • Marie Indahl
  • Zhichao Zhang
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