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The Epilepsy Research Group - ERGO - is the epilepsy research group of the Department of Neurology. The group's main focus areas are translational research on temporal lobe epilepsy, gender issues and epilepsy, epilepsy and cardiology and finally the project Status epilepticus.

In addition to these main research areas, the group also has interests in deep brain stimulation (DBS) in epilepsy, ketogenic diets for adults, posttraumatic epilepsy as well as post-stroke epilepsy.

ERGO is based in Rikshospitalet and has been active for around 25 years.

Epilepsy-Translational Research

The group is lead by Kjell Heuser, and its focus is on temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE). The main project concerns studying the role of the brain's glial cells in the development and exacerbation of epilepsy (epileptogenesis).

“Gender issues”, endocrinology and long-term effects of AEDs

The groups is lead by Sigrid Svalheim. Gender issues have been important areas over many years, with many PhD theses. The current major focus is studying the long-term side-effects of AEDs on hormones, immunology, haematology and bone health.

Epilepsy and cardiology / SUDEP

The SUDEP-group (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy patients), is lead by Dag Aurlien. The project is a collaborative venture between OUH and Stavanger University Hospital (SUS).

Status epilepticus (SE)

OUH has a large population of patients who has experienced SE, and epidemiological studies have recently been performed regarding underlying causes, treatment, outcome etc. We will now focus especially on possible predictors for outcome, and study in more detail treatment of the superrefractory cases.


This broad range of methods requires close collaboration with research groups in Norway and abroad.


  • Department of cardiology, OUH
  • National Centre for Epilepsy in Norway (SSE)
  • Stavanger University hospital
  • Department of Neurohabilitation, OUH
  • Østfold hospital, Kalnes
  • Institute for basic medical research, OUH, Professor Ivar Sjaastad
  • Department of Genetics, OUH, Dr. Kaja K. Selmer  
  • Glia cells research group (GLIALAB – Letten Center), UiO, Associate Professor Rune Enger
  • NMBU (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), Professors Erik Ropstad and Mona Aleksandersen


  • European EU Era-Net project, BRIE (Brain, Glia, Inflammation and Epilepsy)
  • International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) Consortium on Complex Epilepsies
  • Professor Christian Steinhäuser, Institute of Cellular Neurosciences, Medical Faculty, Universitetet i Bonn, Tyskland
  • Professor Gerhard Luef, Universitetet i Innsbruck, Østerrike
  • Cure - post-traumatic epilepsy initiative, multinational collaboration, dr Pavel Klein, Washington DC, USA
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