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The Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center (OSTRC)

The main aim of Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center is to prevent injuries and other health problems in sports - through research on risk factors, injury mechanisms and prevention methods.

We have a particular focus on football, team handball and alpine skiing/ snowboarding - and focus on the most common and serious injury types.

The main objective is to develop a long-term research program on sports injury prevention, as the hub in the wheel of a national and international network of scientists and clinicians, interested in sports injury prevention research.

Considerable emphasis is also placed on dissemination of the knowledge of prevention of sport injuries - towards athletes, coaches, leaders, parents and health personnel. See more at Fit to Play


Research on sports injury prevention was previously mainly observational studies outlining injury risk in various sports, their incidence, pattern and severity. However, few studies had been designed to provide in-depth information on injury mechanisms and risk factors – information needed in order to propose relevant preventive measures.

Based on this background, the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center was established in May 2000 - as a joint venture between Oslo University Hospital and the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.

In 2009, the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center was inaugurated as a FIFA Medical Center of Excellence. The same year the center was also selected as one of the four inaugural IOC Research Centers for Prevention of Injury and Protection of Athlete Health, now counting eleven such centers around the world.


  • Royal Norwegian Ministry of Culture - core funding
  • South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority
  • Research Council of Norway (NFR)
  • International Olympic Committee
  • The Savings Bank Foundation DNB
  • Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee & Confederation of Sport
  • Norsk Tipping AS

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  • Lars Engebretsen
  • Roald Bahr
  • Cathrine Aga
  • Roar Amundsen
  • Thor Einar Andersen
  • Lena Kristin Bache-Mathiesen
  • Hilde Mosebye Berge
  • John Bjørneboe
  • Ben Clarsen
  • Torstein Dalen-Lorentsen
  • Guri R. Ekås
  • Morgen Wang Fagerland
  • Kaja Funnemark
  • Hege Grindem
  • Joar Harøy
  • Hege Heiestad
  • Stig Heir
  • Ingar Holme
  • Cecilie Benedicte Isern
  • Emilie Bratt Jakhelln
  • Rune B. Jakobsen
  • Stian Kjennvold
  • Tron Krosshaug
  • Robert LaPrade
  • Sverre Løken
  • Gilbert Moatshe
  • Håvard Moksnes
  • Christine Holm Moseid
  • Nils F. Holm Moseid
  • Grethe Myklebust
  • Merete Møller
  • Dustin Nabhan
  • Anine Nordstrøm
  • Andreas Persson
  • Tonje Reier-Nilsen
  • May-Arna Risberg
  • Stian Bahr Sandmo
  • Christopher Skazalski
  • Julie Stang
  • Sophie Steenstrup
  • Kathrin Steffen
  • Trine Stensrud
  • Truls Straume-Næsheim
  • Marc Jacob Strauss
  • Solveig Thorarinsdottir
  • Markus Vagle
  • Håvard Visnes
  • Katherine Wang
  • Arnlaug Wangensteen
  • Eirik Halvorsen Wik
  • Tone Øritsland
  • Asbjørn Årøen
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