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Translational Neurodegeneration and Neuropathology

Neurodegenerative diseases cause loss of nerve cells in the central nervous system. Our research focuses on basic molecular mechanisms and new treatment options for neurodegenerative diseases with special emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease.

We provide daily diagnostic service for brain tumours, muscle disease diagnostics, routine autopsy diagnostics, and forensic neuropathology.

Our research focuses on basic and molecular neurodegeneration research, translational projects and patient-related treatment and diagnostic research.

This combined research and diagnostic lab is located at Rikshospitalet. We have several unique mouse lines located at the Radium Hospital mouse facility.


  • NeuroGEM: Identification of genes that modulate the severity of neurodegenerative diseases. JPND / NFR funded
  • PROP-AD: Propagation behaviour of peripheral amyloid-β towards brain structures: effects of the blood-brain barrier. JPND / NFR funded
  • Evaluation of phytopharmaca for the prevention and therapy of dementias and age-related cognitive dysfunctions. EFRE funded
  • PhytoAD: St. John’s wort as Alzheimer’s treatment – New ways of identification, exploitation and use of natural resources. SAW Leibniz Society Grant / EFRE funded
  • ABC transporter function in Neurodegeneration. Marie Curie Scientia Program
  • SequenceAD: Benefits and detrimental effects of sequence variants of amyloid-β: towards the use of small peptides for aggregate dissolution therapy in dementia. NFR/VIAA grant
  • ABCLRP1: The role of the blood-brain barrier in Alzheimer s disease: Interaction of LRP1 and ABC transporter function. DFG funded
  • PETAD: PET imaging to assess blood-brain barrier function in Alzheimer’s disease. DFG/FWF funded

Pahnke Lab

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