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Neuroimmunology of depression and alcohol use disorders (The DARCY Studies) (completed)

Substance use and depression constitute close to a half of all disease burden associated with neuropsychiatric conditions. Alcohol use disorder and major depression frequently occur in the same individual, either simultaneously or sequentially.

In the context of alcohol use disorder, depressive symptoms can occur alongside heavy drinking as part of alcohol-induced deterioration of mood symptoms, but in some cases depressive symptoms may last long after cessation of drinking. Recent evidence suggests that depression and alcohol use disorders are, among other psychiatric conditions, accompanied by dysregulated neuro-immune system, particularly the innate immunity. This tantalizing concept has emerged as a new field of science, referred to as Psychoneuroimmunology. Psychoneuroimmunology challenges the conventional thinking of mental disorders and embodies various interactions between processes in the brain and the body's immune response as underlying mechanisms for mood and behavioral disorders. The DARCY project incorporates several studies investigating the role of neuroimmune functions, and thereby of its derangement, in the emergence and progression of major depression and alcohol use disorders.

About the project

The first wave of the DARCY studies was launched in 2009, and included two cross-sectional studies in multiple treatment institutions in Norway and Nepal. These studies characterized treatment seeking populations with alcohol use disorders in the two culturally and ethnically different settings. Neuroimmune correlates of, along with several biochemical alterations in depression in alcohol use disorder were examined. The epidemiological evidence for the associations between depression and alcohol use disorders were examined in a large nationally representative dataset from the Health Study in Oppland and Hedmark (OPPHED) and the Oslo Health Study (HUBRO) which suggested an interaction of socioeconomic status in the comorbidity between alcohol use disorder and major depression.

The second wave of the DARCY studies includes several longitudinal studies on clinical samples. A longitudinal study of inpatients at a psychiatric treatment institution in Norway (Modum Bad) has been carried out with data from multiple primary psychiatric diagnoses with neuroimmune parameters and clinical evaluation followed up through treatment. These data will help disentangle relationships between alterations in neuroimmune parameters and clinical outcomes. Clinical interventions trials will constitute the third wave for the DARCY studies.

The completed and ongoing DARCY studies received funding from the University of Oslo and Innlandet Hospital Trust. For conducting prospective studies on alcohol treatment sample, funding has been secured from the Research Council of Norway and South-East Regional Health Authority. Preparations for these studies are underway.

Publications from this project

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Conference papers

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Project leader

  • Sudan Prasad Neupane


  • Sudan Prasad Neupane
  • Lars Lien
  • Helge Prytz Toft
  • Jørgen Bramness
  • Knut Hestad
  • Hans Christian D. Aass
  • Priscilla Martinez
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