Guest lecture: Samuli Ripatti and Elisabeth Widén, FIMM

Professor Samuli Ripatti, Assistant Director and Head of the Complex Disease Genetics group at the Institute for Molecular Medicine (FIMM), and Dr. Elisabeth Widén, Head of the Genomic Discoveries and Clinical Translation group at FIMM, will present their latest research. 

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Samuli Ripatti: Towards genotyping half a million Finns, lessons from the first half of FinnGen

FinnGen study launched in Finland in the autumn of 2017 is a unique study that combines genome information with digital health care data. The FinnGen study is an unprecedented global research project representing one of the largest studies of this type. Project aims to improve human health through genetic research, and ultimately identify new therapeutic targets and diagnostics for treating numerous diseases. The collaborative nature of the project is exceptional compare to many ongoing studies, and all the partners are working closely together to ensure appropriate transparency, data security and ownership. By fall of 2021, FinnGen has combined genomewide data of 350,000 biobanked samples and linked them to several nationwide health registries. In this talk, I will present the design of FinnGen and highlight some of the novel genetic discoveries so far. I will also present some of the potential opportunities for translating the discoveries into health care.

Elisabeth Widén: Opportunities for utilizing FinnGen – From common to rare disease

The FinnGen study with its genome-wide genotyping data and detailed longitudinal health records of 350,000 Finns provides a unique resource for analyses of a broad range of diseases and health outcomes. In my talk I will present two examples of studies leveraging the power of FinnGen, one demonstrating the cohort’s potential for exploring the clinical implication of single rare variants, and the other highlighting the opportunity for studying sex-specific aspects of health and disease.


Published Sep. 20, 2021 3:43 PM - Last modified Nov. 10, 2021 8:12 AM