Gözen group participates in NanoCosmos contemporary art exhibition

As part of the Oslo Life Science Conference in February 2020, the Gözen group at NCMM are exhibiting a range of their engaging microscopy images at Oslo’s Kunstplass Contemporary Art Exhibition Space.

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Left to right: Harald Stenmark, Gry Oftedal, Svein Stølen, Andreas Carlson and Irep Gözen. Photo: Lin Xue

The NanoCosmos exhibition provides a glimpse into the nano world – a 'Wunderkammer' where science becomes art.

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A full exhibition space for the opening event. Photo: NCMM

This event was established by the Programmable Cell-like Compartments interdisciplinary research environment at the University of Oslo, which features NCMM's Irep Gözen along with other researchers from the fields of Mathematics, Philosophy and Medical Science. 

The exhibition was created by Gry Oftedal (Faculty of Humanities) from the research environment, and features a selection of the Gözen group's striking microscopy images in the field of bio-nanotechnology and protocell formation.

In addition, the exhibition space also features works by other members of the research environment, including Professor Harald Stenmark, Head of the ‘CanCell’ Centre for Cancer Cell Reprogramming at the Faculty of Medicine, and Andreas Carlson from the Faculty of Mathematics.

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UiO Rector Svein Stølen introduces the exhibition at the opening event. Photo: NCMM

A highly successful opening event took place on Tuesday February 11th, where a very large crowd filled the exhibition space to capacity.

The researchers involved in curating the exhibition were present to provide insight into science behind the various images and videos on display.

The launch event began with an opening speech by the Rector of the University of Oslo, Svein Stølen.

This was followed by an introduction to the exhibition background and concept by Carl Henrik Gørbitz, the Director of UiO:Life Science. Carl Henrik explained that the one of the main research goals of the exhibition’s curators involves trying to develop cell-like compartments, and used the analogy of building a Lego model to highlight the importance of understanding the individual building blocks that combine to build complex organisms.

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UiO: Life Science Director Carl Henrik Gørbitz explains the concept behind the exhibition. Photo: NCMM

Finally, as the coordinator of the scientific project consortium and the major contributor to the exhibition’s art works, Irep Gözen gave a speech where she expressed her appreciation for the support the organizers had received from various colleagues and University staff in putting the event together.

Discussing the idea behind the exhibition and how it came together, Irep says:

“Science is not only deep and serious, but also fun and beautiful! The exhibition NanoCosmos is a wonderful part of our convergence science project. I thank all the science-artists whose work is exhibited, as well as the authors of our booklet, for their incredible work. We appreciate the financial support from the UiO: Life Science Initiative and the Centre for Philosophy and the Sciences. Many thanks to Kunstplass for accommodating this exhibition, and Gry, who came up with the idea and made it possible.

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Photo: NCMM

Discussing the successful opening event, Irep added:

"It was very nice to see such a big crowd of guests and art lovers at the opening event, and we hope many more people will enjoy the exhibition over the coming days”.

A video from the launch event is available on the Facebook page for Kunstplass Exhibition Space.

The event has also been covered by the Norwegian popular science website Forskning.no (Norwegian only).

The exhibition runs until Sunday 16th February at Kunstplass Contemporary Art Exhibition Space, Akersgata 1-5.




Image credits: Lin Xue and NCMM

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By Joseph Robertson
Published Feb. 12, 2020 10:54 PM - Last modified Mar. 15, 2021 9:55 PM