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A house with flowers and stairs
Photo: Hanne Utigard/UiO

We are located in the heart of University of Oslo; first floor in Frederikkes House (up the stairs at Bunnpris). 

Visiting address: 
Problemveien 11, 0371 Oslo

Post address:
Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE)/ UiO
c/o Trine Kleven
P.b. 1150, Blindern
0318 Oslo

Foto: UiO

Eivind Engebretsen

Professor, Vice-Dean of Postgraduate Studies, co-funder and Executive board chair of SHE
Phone: + 47 924 25 231

Foto: UiO

Kristin Margrete Heggen

Professor and Director of SHE
Phone: +47 995 75 450

Foto: Frode Ims

Trine Kleven

Administrative Manager
Phone: +47 959 40 114