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Our aim

SHE´s vision is to educate globally anchored health professionals who make sustainable healthcare decisions without compromising future and global needs.

Logo of SHE, a human beeing in a green tree

Drawing on a framework of competencies for sustainable development previously outlined by UNESCO, the aim of this center is to translate and adapt this framework for the use in health professional education.

Our basic assumption is that we by fostering these key competencies can prepare future health professionals for making sustainable evidence-based decisions on different levels of health care. SHE will develop and test educational modules and pedagogical methods, and pilot new models for evidence-based decision-making inspired by the SDGs.


Figure of competences necessary to rethink evidence based method

The figure shows necessary competences in evidence-based decisions; collaborative, normative, strategic, systems-thinking and anticipatory.

Centre for Excellence in Education

Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE) is hosted by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oslo. SHE is financed by the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills as a Centre for Excellence in Education over a period of 5 years with the possibility of an additional 5 years after a mid-term evaluation. 

Logo of Centre for Excellence in Education


Here you`ll find the application to Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE) (pdf).

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