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  • Virtual tour in the lab of Anne Simonsen Jan. 28, 2021 3:29 PM

    Late in December Anne Simonsen and several other CanCell researchers got the great news from the Norwegian Research council that they support their research with several millions. You can read about it in this CanCell news article. In this brand new video (Norwegian) posted by the Norwegian Ministry of Education on their Facebook pages we are invited into the lab of Anne Simonsen where she do research on Autophagy, a process that is implicated that when it is malfunctioning it have a role in both development of diseases like Cancer and Alzheimers. Anne is working to understand what this role is and how this happens.

  • lava-img-nature-publ-sebastian-et-al-2021 New Nature paper with crucial CanCell contribution: Eating droplets piecemeal or in one big bite Jan. 21, 2021 9:44 AM

    Autophagy, ‘self-eating’, is the process by which cells capture and degrade components in their own interior that are harmful or superfluous, in order to recycle, detoxify and reuse them. In recent years, it was discovered that an important player in cells are fluid droplets -- like drops of oil in water -- that are enriched with proteins to perform various functions. Now, in a new paper published in Nature, CanCell scientists have collaborated with an international team to unravel how autophagy can capture droplets of “fluid” proteins inside the cell. The research team has uncovered the physics behind droplet autophagy, and how droplets also can serve as platform to enable autophagy of other cellular components.

  • ricci_viola_lab1 Master student at CanCell awarded the Tekna grant Jan. 19, 2021 5:55 PM

    Since its beginning in 2010, Tekna’s Master stipend has been awarded to several candidates and helped them create extraordinary master projects. For the first time ever it has been awarded to a master project in the life sciences.