Eileen White and Ivan Dikic join CanCell for our Semiannual Symposium in June

We are delighted to have our esteemed guest professors Eileen White (Rutgers Cancer Institute) and Ivan Dikic (Goethe University) here for our semiannual symposium taking place on June 11-12. 

We are also fortunate to have two excellent researchers from NCMM to present for us - Irep Gözen and Per Ottar Seglen. In addition, the symposium will feature short talks from CanCell members Aram Andersen, Roji Khezari, Marie Rogne and Alf Håkon Lystad.

Program Day 1 Tuesday June 11th

Venue: Institute for Cancer Research (ICR), Radiumhospitalet

Auditorium ICR

10:30 Welcome address – CanCell directors

10:40 Keynote lecture "Regulation of mammalian and cancer metabolism by autophagy" - Eileen White, Rutgers Cancer Institute, US

11:30 “Autophagy mediates organ wasting and sugar mobilization during cancer cachexia” - Rojyar Khezri, Tumor-Host Biology Group, CanCell

*11:50 Short break*

12:00 «ER-membrane dynamics» (TBC) - Irep Gözen, NCMM, UiO

*12:45 Lunch* (for everyone at CanCell)

PARALLEL Group/Seminar rooms ICR (K01.081/K06.120)

14:00 Research career advice discussions with Drs White & Dikic 

17:00 Meeting CanCell PIs with Drs White & Dikic

PARALLEL Cantina 1st floor ICR 1400-1800

14:00 Poster session part 1/2

16:00 Poster session part 2/2

18-21 Social event CanCell members 


Day 2 Wednesday June 12th

Group/Seminar rooms IMB (Institute for Basic Medical Sciences, Rikshospitalet)

09:00 Project discussions meeting with White / Dikic for CanCell scientists at IMB (part 1/2)

*10:20 transport from IMB to ICR

ICR (K06.004/K06.064/K01.061/K04.120)

10:30 Project discussions meeting with White / Dikic for CanCell scientists at ICR (part 2/2).

Auditorium ICR

13:00 "A life-long journey along the autophagic-lysosomal pathway" - Per O. Seglen, NCMM, UiO

13:50 “Toward the function of mammalian ATG12–5-16L1 complex in autophagy and autophagy-related-processes” - Alf Håkon Lystad, Autophagy Group, CanCell

14:10 «Artificial intelligence-driven characterization of the genome-wide control of autophagy dynamics in budding yeast» - Aram Andersen, Cancer Molecular Medicine Group, CanCell

*14:30 Short break*

14:40 «SUMOylation of FOXA1 affect chromatin opening and lipogenesis in prostate cancer» - Marie Rogne, Chromatin Biology Group, CanCell

15:00 Keynote lecture: “Ubiquitin and Autophagy networks in Health and Disease”– Ivan Dikic, Goethe University, GER

16:00 Summary by Tor Erik Rusten


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