CYS workshop: Rigorous Science

The CanCell Young Scientists (CYS) have the immense pleasure of inviting you to our second workshop Thursday, February the 27th, on the topic:


Rigorous scientific methodology:

from data quantitation to hypothesis testing and model inference

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The workshop will take place at Domus Medica:

13:00-16:00      Room L200


With a basis in experimental methods widely used in CanCell, from various forms of microscopy to western blotting and qRT-PCR, this workshop will be an exposé on foundational quantitative techniques, as well as the cutting edge of data analysis in biology.


There will be two sessions:


1) Proper data quantitation and numerical feature extraction

2) Hypothesis testing, statistics and model-based analysis


Each session will consist of two talks x 30 minutes, with intermediate discussion sessions, and opportunities for questions; there will also be a larger break with coffee and snacks.

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