Butoh dance - cultural-scientific collaboration with CanCell

"Rebellion of the Cell" is a dance performance interweaving experimental dance and cellular biology

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«Rebellion of the Cell» - About the connection between art and science

The performance “Rebellion of the cell” weaves butoh-dance and modern cell biology together and the starting point for conversation is the intertwined connection between art and science.   

How can butoh-dance and cancer research influence each other? Which new opinions and experiences around human nature will emerge from such a meeting?

Audience is invited to a conversation with choreograph and stage director Karolina Bieszczad-Stie, and dancer Yuko Kaseki and cell biologist Ragnhild Eskeland. The discussion will be led by dance artist Øyvind Jørgensen and is organized in collaboration with “Danseinformasjonen”. It will be an opportunity for the audience to participate and ask questions.

Rebellion of the Cell

In Rebellion of the Cell, butoh-dance and modern cell biology are woven together in a so far unseen way. The performance has its origins in the collaboration between Karolina Bieszczad-Stie, Yuko Kaseki and Center for Cancer Cell Reprograming at the University in Oslo.

As a result of using cancer research and Butoh as mutual lenses to examine one another, more and more unexpected paradoxes are brought to light: beautiful confocal micrographs of cancer cells contrasting with suffering bodies of cancer patients; a cancer cell that is not an external invasive microorganism but a natural, although malicious, part of a human body; or the notions of life and death where the cancer cell needs to die in order for the patient to live.

Rebellion of the Cell navigates through these complex conflicts, opening up the space for dialogues between scientific and artistic processes, and connecting people and ways of thinking that might otherwise have remained isolated. At the same time, it carries the form and aesthetics of Butoh dance into the 21st century

Duration of the performance: approx. 1 hour

Choreography and direction: Karolina Bieszczad-Stie

Choreography and dance: Yuko Kaseki

Scientific Collaboration: Professor Harald Stenmark and Ragnhild Eskeland from CanCell – Center for Cancer Cell Reprograming at the University in Oslo

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