CanCell seminar with Sara Sigismund: "Contact sites between PM, ER and mitochondria: connecting EGFR signalling to cell metabolism”

We are very happy to present Sara Sigismund from IFOM, Milano, Italy who will hold a Zoominar on Friday February 19. Her lab studies the molecular mechanisms governing endocytosis and signaling of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), and how their alteration contributes to cancer development. Her lab also explore how endocytosis promotes breast cancer plasticity which promotes aggressiveness and metastasis.

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Sara Sigismund is Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Oncology and Hemato-Oncology, University of Milan, Researcher at the Dept. of Experimental Oncology, IEO, Milan, where she supervises efforts connected with subversion of endocytosis in cancer within the Endocytosis, Signaling and Cancer Lab directed by Prof. Pier Paolo Di Fiore. Her long-standing research goal is to understand the role of endocytosis in the regulation of EGFR signaling. Through the elucidation of the molecular mechanisms governing EGFR ubiquitination and endocytosis, Sara’s work led to the discovery of a novel clathrin-independent mode of EGFR internalization, non-clathrin endocytosis (NCE). This internalization route involves contact sites between the endoplasmic reticulum and the plasma membrane that are critical for EGFR internalization when ligand concentrations are high. EGFRs internalized by NCE are targeted to lysosomes for degradation leading to signal attenuation. In the field of endocytosis, Sara’s work has helped establish the concept that integration of distinct endocytic routes is critical for determining the final signaling output. Her current research interests include elucidation of the functional significance of EGFR-NCE in normal cell physiology and in disease, particularly in cancer. Her work has received funding support from the Worldwide Cancer Research and the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

Published Jan. 5, 2021 8:45 PM - Last modified Feb. 15, 2021 6:52 PM