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Eira Bjørvik

Eira Bjørvik is candidate to represent academic staff/professor II on fixed-term contracts in the board of Faculty of Medicine period 01.01.2021–31.12.2021.

Photo of Eira Bjørvik, stipendiat ved UiO

Eira Bjørvik. Foto: UiO

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow 

Work Place: Department of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences,  Institute of Health and Society

2020 turned out to be a demanding year for all of us. Planned activities were put on hold. Not all goals could be achieved. Naturally, much emphasis and work had to be channeled into conquering digital challenges and maintaining teaching standards.

However, 2020 still presented temporary scientific staff with positive news.

The Faculty's development plan for 2020-2022 list reduction in the use of fixed-term contracts as one of three key challenges. Given the high percentage of fixed-term contracts as the Faculty (28% as of 2018), this is good news!

This important issue, as well as other issues of particular interest and importance to temporary staff, needs to be followed up. For this reason, many of the campaigning points from 2020 are still relevant and important.

Election program

  • an evaluation of the Faculty budget model and cost allocation system

  • more predictable career paths for PhD and Postdocs

  • quality in the PhD- and Postdoc programs

  • co-location of the Institute of Health and Society

  • an increase in the number of interdisciplinary meeting places

  • closer collaboration between administration and scientific staff on all levels

  • commitment to interdisciplinarity in both teaching and research

  • that the Faculty recognizes that social, emotional, and physical well-being is essential to academic success, therefore planning an adequate program to ensure the health needs of the Faculty’s diverse student and employee population is called for

Proposal set by

  • Kaja Kvaale
  • Birgit Kvernflaten
  • Hilde Ousland Vandeskog
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