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Election of representative from academic staff on fixed-term contracts and professor II

One representative and two deputy representatives for temporarily employed academic staff, including professor II positions, were elected in autumn 2020.

The electoral term for this group is one year, 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2021.

Election result

The following candidates were elected:

Turnout: 16%

Read about the candidates and their electoral programmes

The Board

The Board of the Faculty of Medicine has 9 members:

  • Dean
  • Dean of Research
  • 1 representative from the permanent academic staff and Professor II on permanent contracts
  • 1 representative from the contract academic staff and Professor II on fixed-term contracts
  • 1 representative from the technical-administrative staff
  • 2 representatives from the students
  • 2 external members

Representatives of the temporary academic staff and the students are elected for one year. Students arrange their own elections. The other representatives are appointed or elected for a term of four years.

More information about the composition of the Faculty Board and their Meetings.


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