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Ole Kristian Aars

Ole Kristian Aars is candidate to represent academic staff/professor II on fixed-term contracts in the board of Faculty of Medicine period 01.01.2021–31.12.2021.

Photo of Ole Kristian Aars, Doctoral Research Fellow at UiO

Ole Kristian Aars. Photo: UiO

Position: Doctoral Research Fellow 

Workplace: Department of Health Management and Health Economics, Institute of Health and Society

Election program

I will work to:

  • Support researchers and others who have seen delays in their work and/or been faced with challenging working conditions as a consequence of the Corona outbreak
  • Facilitate collaboration across departments and research centers, within and outside of the faculty
  • Create predictability for temporary staff
  • Incentivize and reward quality in teaching
  • Strengthen PhD and Postdoc programs and support good and collaborative environments for PhD candidates 
  • Internationalization

Proposal set by:

  • Ole Kristian Aars
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