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Sara Mehmood Shah

Sara Mehmood Shah is candidate to represent academic staff/professor II on fixed-term contracts in the board of Faculty of Medicine period 01.01.2021–31.12.2021.

Photo of Sara Mehmood Shah, Doctoral Research Fellow at UiO

Sara Mehmood Shah. Photo: Private

Position: Doctoral Research Fellow

Workplace: Paediatrics, Institute of Clinical Medicine


I am a trained physician from The University of Oslo (2010), and have an MSc in International Health Policy from The University of Oxford (2008) and an MSc in International Health Economics from London School of Economics and Political Science (2011).

When I am not busy with research, I work as a consultant paediatrician at Oslo University Hospital, subspecialising in social paediatrics. I have recently started working as a Doctoral Research Fellow (2020-2025) and project manager focusing on childhood obesity. I am also a clinical lecturer in paediatrics.    

Working as a fixed-term contract employee can be daunting at times, not to mention in current Covid-times. If elected, I would thus like to work towards improving the structure and predictability for PhD and postdoc career paths as well as (amongst other things) work towards improving interdisciplinary collaborations and science communication.  

Election program

  • Well-structured and predictable working conditions for fixed-term researchers
  • Improved structure of the PhD and postdoc programmes, ensuring a smoother transition into permanent positions
  • Strong and interdisciplinary faculty research support
  • Improved support for science communication, both within the research field and to the general public
  • Improved support for career advice, innovation and patents
  • Further facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations in Norway as well as internationally
  • Diverse and inclusive workplace

Proposal set by:

  • Sara Mehmood Shah
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