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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Mahmood Ayaz Ayaz, Mahmood Senior Adviser +47 22859214 90811155 Research support, Research administration, External funding, EU funding, EU, Nettpublisering
Picture of Grazyna Babinska Babinska, Grazyna Principal Engineer +47 22851238
Picture of Mathilde Coraline Aarvold Bakke Bakke, Mathilde Coraline Aarvold Adviser +47 40494006 Communication, Web editor, Web publishing
Picture of Adrian Christoffer Bakkeby Bakkeby, Adrian Christoffer Principal Engineer +47 22851211 Local IT support
Picture of Marie Cecilie Bakken Bakken, Marie Cecilie Adviser +47 22850508 Human resources administration, Recruitment, Appointments, regulations, HR-system, Absence, Leave of absence, Salary
Picture of Victoria Becker Becker, Victoria Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Manigeh Beigi Beigi, Manigeh Principal Engineer
Picture of Ina Bekkevold-Jernberg Bekkevold-Jernberg, Ina Adviser
Picture of Lise Wilhelmine Benningstad Benningstad, Lise Wilhelmine Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Jens Petter Berg Berg, Jens Petter Pro-Dean for research +47-23027251 +47-48496950
Picture of Ørjan Berg Berg, Ørjan Secretary
Picture of Anita Berge Berge, Anita Principal Engineer
Picture of Niclas Johan Marius Berger Berger, Niclas Johan Marius Senior Adviser +47 22851437 +47 41378717 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Tiril Sofie Bjørkbom Bergstrøm Bergstrøm, Tiril Sofie Bjørkbom Principal Engineer
Berli, Madeleine Adviser
Picture of Elisabeth Augdahl Bertonen Bertonen, Elisabeth Augdahl Senior Executive Officer +47 22845663 +47 46613726
Picture of Sonia Bhandari Bhandari, Sonia Higher Executive Officer +47-23016774
Picture of Thomas Bjella Bjella, Thomas Head Engineer database, eHealth, GDPR, TSD, Nettskjema
Bjerke, Marielle Veneranda Adviser +47 22851131 +47 45243916 22851131
Picture of Vigdis Bjerkeli Bjerkeli, Vigdis Senior Engineer +47 91325776
Picture of Hanne Bjerknes Bjerknes, Hanne Senior Adviser +47 98609171
Bjornes, Ingrid Rebekka Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Elisa  Bjørgo Bjørgo , Elisa Section Leader - Section for Research Strategy, Communication and International Relations +47 22840608 +47 91359367 Research Strategy, Molecular medicine, Life science, HR, Communication and International Relations
Picture of Vibeke Solberg Bjørklund Bjørklund, Vibeke Solberg Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Gunn-Elin Aasprong Bjørneboe Bjørneboe, Gunn-Elin Aasprong Special Adviser +47 90164852