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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Thoril Kristiansen Kristiansen, Thoril Senior Adviser +47 22844699 Human resources administration, Appointments, Recruitment, Regulations, HR-system
Picture of Cecilie Poulsson Krogh Krogh, Cecilie Poulsson Senior Adviser +47 22845331
Picture of Silje Zandstra Krokeide Krokeide, Silje Zandstra Senior Engineer
Picture of Padmapriya Kumar Kumar, Padmapriya Head Engineer
Kvammen, Ole Christian Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Mette Kvernland Kvernland, Mette Adviser +47 22840504 extramural funding, reporting, Financial managment, budget
Picture of Torgeir Kvernstuen Kvernstuen, Torgeir Section Manager +47 22851132 +47 90162312
Picture of Julie Nybakk Kvaal Kvaal, Julie Nybakk On leave Research communication, Communication, Internal communication, Press contact
Picture of Mette Groseth Langballe Langballe, Mette Groseth Senior Adviser +47 22845326 +47 41409069 Corporate governance, Financial management, Budget
Picture of Anette Langtvet Langtvet, Anette Section Manager +47 22850585 Administration, Management, Administrative management, Corporate governance, Financial management
Picture of Kirsti Langvatn Langvatn, Kirsti Senior Adviser +47 22850512 47407857 Project economy, reimbursements and other payments, Financial management, Reporting, Budget and applications, Project management
Picture of Joselan Fabe Larsen Larsen, Joselan Fabe Executive Officer
Picture of Rune Larsen Larsen, Rune Senior Adviser +47 926 20132 Research support, Research administration, External funding, EU funding, EU
Picture of Ioanna Lazarou Lazarou, Ioanna Executive Officer +47-22845040 (09.00–10.30) PhD, Organized research training (doctoral programme)
Picture of Siv Støfring Le Page Le Page, Siv Støfring Senior Executive Officer +47 22844615 Admissions, Student guidance, Courses, Examination
Picture of Marit Ledsaak Ledsaak, Marit Head Engineer 482 31 78
Picture of Randi Kathrine Leidland Leidland, Randi Kathrine Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Kristi Brinkmann Lenander Lenander, Kristi Brinkmann Senior Executive Officer +47 22844611 Management support
Picture of Waldir Leoncio Netto Leoncio Netto, Waldir Senior Engineer Programmer, Software architecture, Training, Servers and operating services, IT support for research, IT support for education, Open Science
Picture of Anna Maria Liendo Liendo, Anna Maria Higher Executive Officer +47 22845881 Research support, Administration, PhD
Picture of Ida Lillehagen Lillehagen, Ida Researcher +47 22845350
Picture of Pål Henrik Lillevold Lillevold, Pål Henrik Adviser
Picture of Rune Lilleaas Lilleaas, Rune Senior Adviser +47 22859240
Picture of Larissa Lily Lily, Larissa Senior Executive Officer +47 22840546 Management support, Research support, Events, Web editor
Picture of Nina Lind Lind, Nina Adviser +47 22851116