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Persons 276 - 300 of 321
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ragnhild Bettina Storli Storli, Ragnhild Bettina Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Gry Stubberud Stubberud, Gry Higher Executive Officer +47 22859236 +47 98234670 Reception: 22 85 05 50
Picture of Amanda Sudworth Sudworth, Amanda Senior Engineer
Picture of Kobra Sultani Sultani, Kobra Principal Engineer +47 22851369
Picture of Alf Otto Sundar Sundar, Alf Otto Principal Engineer +47 23016912 +47 92646991
Picture of Anita Sveen Sveen, Anita Associate Professor
Picture of Frank Sætre Sætre, Frank Head Engineer
Picture of Anette Sørensen Sørensen, Anette Administrative Manager +47 23066824 +47 97514857 Administrative management, Research support, External funding, EU funding, Project management, Gender equality
Picture of Anita Løvstad Sørensen Sørensen, Anita Løvstad Head Engineer
Picture of Åse Frivold Sørheim Sørheim, Åse Frivold Senior Adviser +47 22845809
Picture of Oksana Takhirova Takhirova, Oksana Adviser +47 22859215 +47 98632604
Picture of Truls Tambs-Lyche Tambs-Lyche, Truls Senior Engineer +47 22851442 +4799238726 99238726 Electronics, Service, Intrumentation
Picture of Sumithra Maud Taraldsen Taraldsen, Sumithra Maud Higher Executive Officer +47 22851060
Picture of Hilde Thomassen Thomassen, Hilde Adviser
Picture of Svetlana Trofimova Trofimova, Svetlana Adviser +47 22859226 Rekruttering, Regelverk, Arbeidsrett, Sykefravær, Personaladministrasjon, Ansettelser
Tvedt, Anders Adviser +47 22850571
Tvedt, Selma Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Tone Iren Tverfjell Tverfjell, Tone Iren Senior Executive Officer +47 22855769 Recruitment, Appointments, Human resources administration, Regulations
Picture of Jorun Ur Ur, Jorun Section Manager +47 22844612 +4791388211
Picture of Francois Van Walleghem Van Walleghem, Francois Head Engineer +47 22859098 +47 95930770
Picture of Bente Irene Hafstad Vasbotten Vasbotten, Bente Irene Hafstad Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Ingeborg Helle Vedde Vedde, Ingeborg Helle Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Kristin Vekterud Vekterud, Kristin Head Engineer
Picture of Veronika Vimberg Vimberg, Veronika Senior Adviser +47 22859224 Research support, Research administration, Contracts, External funding, Legal counselling
Picture of Roman Volchenkov Volchenkov, Roman Adviser Research support