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Printing the thesis

The thesis can not be printed before it has been found worthy of public defence. It must be printed at the latest two weeks prior to the public defence.

Requisition form and finished theses

Photo: Krisin Ellefsen, UiO

The compulsory 40 copies of the thesis must be printed in connection with the public defence. The printing cost of the obligatory copies is covered by your institute. The institute covers up to five colour images.

Requisition form

Download the requisition form after the dean has approved the recommendation.

Additional copies for your own use may also be printed. You will be billed separately for the additional copies you order. Your billing address must be stated on the requisition form.

After you have filled in the fields about yourself and the thesis, you must submit the requisition form to your administrative officer to sign before he/she returns it to you. The faculty will cover the costs of the obligatory 40 copies of the thesis including 5 colour images per copy. It is your administrative officer who fills in the Org. Unit ID and delivery address for the 40 copies, including the ISBN-number.

Send the completed and signed requisition form and thesis to Reprosentralen.

Printing can under no circumstances start before the dean has approved the recommendation.

Printing agreement

The University has its own print centre Reprosentralen. They recommend that the whole thesis is submitted as a pdf-file. Contact Reprosentralen directly by phone or email if you have any questions about printing or script layout.

PhD theses published by the Faculty of Medicine have a standard format and cover, and a serial number (ISBN). The cover has been standardised in accordance with the University of Oslo's graphic profile.

The publisher needs five working days for printing. During peak season printing can take somewhat longer time.

Information about printing doctoral theses at the Faculty of Medicine.

What is errata?

Errata is a list of corrections made in a thesis after it has been evaluated, but before it is printed. These corrections can only be formal errors such as spelling and language mistakes, punctuation and reference errors, page layout, text format etc. Correcting formal errors allows you to improve the text linguistically, but does not allow you to make changes to the meaning or content of the text. Changes made in tables are not accepted as errata.

The fact that you cannot make any substantial changes also means that you can not change the status of an article after submission. It is the submitted article which is evaluated at the public defence, but you can (if you have time) refer to the published journal article in the preface of the thesis.

Errata list

An errata list gives a complete overview of the errors which you want to correct after the thesis has been found worthy of defence. The list should not be long as it is expected that the thesis is well-prepared before you hand it in for evaluation. Example of an errata list at the Faculty of Medicine.

Who should you send the errata list to and when do you have to submit it?

Application for permission to correct formal errors in the thesis after submission should be sent to the Faculty by e-mail, with the errata list enclosed as an attachment. The application must according to UiO's regulations be submitted no later than 6 weeks before the date of the public defence so that the Faculty and/or evaluation committee has time to process the application. The thesis cannot be printed before the list of formal errors has been approved. You are advised to apply early. Note that you can only submit an errata list one time. A complete overview of the errors must be printed in the final version of the thesis.

Digital publications at the UiO (DUO)

You can make your thesis available digitally through DUO – Digital Publications at the University of Oslo. The purpose of DUO is to create an effective system for academic communication in accordance with the basic goals of research – i.e. broadest possible dissemination of research results.

Printing costs

Please contact Reprosentralen directly for information about printing prices.


The 40 compulsory copies are printed on behalf of the Faculty to fulfill the requirement that the thesis be publicly available before the defence.

The print-ready digital version of the thesis is distributed from the Faculty ahead of the defence. Reprosentralen completes the print-ready digital version of the thesis after you have submitted the requisition form and sends it to the faculty. The audience orders the digital thesis via a link on the announcement page for the defence. The link is removed due to copyright protection after the defence is completed. Audiences who wish to obtain the digital thesis after the defence are asked to contact you directly.

You can pick up approximately 30 printed copies at Sogn Arena. Contact your case officer to make an appointment for collecting them.

In the case of defences that take place at a venue, you are responsible for bringing the printed theses to the venue.

The Faculty sends the print-ready digital version of the thesis to the committee and the chair of defence prior to the defence. You can send printed copies to the committee and the chair of defence, if desired.

The Faculty ensures that the printed thesis is compulsorily handed in to the National Library of Norway and the University Library.

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