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How to submit your thesis?

Follow the instructions carefully so that the submission process does not take longer than neccessary. The thesis will not be regarded as submitted before all documents have been received by the faculty.

Are you a supervisor?

Information for supervisors

Important time frames

  • Recommendation: The evaluation committee has three months to submit a recommendation.
  • Revision of a submitted thesis:  The evaluation committee must present its final recommendation within 1 month after candidate has handed in a revision of a submitted thesis.
  • Earliest date for trial lecture/public defence is 6 weeks after the recommendation has been approved.

Where to submit your thesis?

You can hand in your application for thesis evaluation at Sogn Arena.

Our visiting hours is 9.00 -10.00 if you want to speak to an administrative officer. You can also hand in your thesis at the reception desk during opening hours 8.15 - 15.45 (8.15 - 15.00 from 15 May to 15 September).

Optionally you can submit your thesis by post.

Our visiting address and postal address can be found under contact information.

How should the thesis be submitted?

You must submit 1 electronic copy of your thesis on a USB stick/memory stick.

The USB stick should contain the whole thesis, i.e. both the summary and the articles, as a single PDF-file. The thesis should be saved as a PDF-file and should not be scanned.

The application letter and attachments should be added as separate PDF-files to the same USB stick as the thesis.

The following should be saved to the memory stick, use filenames as shown in parenthesis:

  • Thesis (thesis)
  • Application letter for evaluation of the thesis (application)
  • Confirmation of approved educational component (educational component)
  • Co-author declarations (co-author)
  • Declaration of permits procured (approvals)
  • Proposal for evaluation committee and chair of defence (committee proposal)
  • Declarations of impartiality (impartiality)

Documents to be enclosed when you submit your thesis

Your application for evaluation can only be be processed if you enclose the following:

1. Application letter for evaluation of the thesis. The application must contain the following information:

  • full name and personal identification number
  • your current degree
  • correct title of the thesis
  • a short description of the themes in the thesis
  • contact information to the principal supervisor and co-supervisor(s)
  • where the work was carried out, i.e. your workplace during the PhD period, where the material was procured, and where you conducted the laboratory work. Specify with names any collaborating institutions.
  • it is important that you make sure that the contact details registered in StudentWeb are correct as they will be used by the faculty.

2. Confirmation of approved educational component.

3. Co-Author declaration (docx) (pdf). Declaration about the candidate's and each co-author's contribution to the individual works submitted for evaluation. Each co-Author declaration must be signed by both the candidate and the co-author(s). Remember to list the names of all co-authors on each co-author declaration, and ensure that the names and original signatures match. Make sure the signatures do not come on a separate sheet of paper.

4. Declaration of permits procured (docx)(pdf). The form must be completed and signed by the candidate and all his/her supervisors. All permits must be enclosed with the application. Information about applications to REC and other bodies.

5. Proposal for evaluation committee and Chair of defence (docx)(pdf). The evaluation committee is proposed by the academic environment. The principal supervisor is responsible for submitting to the faculty the signed evaluation committee form and declarations of impartiality from each proposed committee member. The supervisor must also suggest chairs of the defence. The chair of the defence must be be approved by the dean and will be notified of the date(s) after the committee’s recommendation has been approved. Any agreed upon date(s) for the trial lecture and public defence made by supervisor and evaluation committee are not binding to the faculty.

6. Declarations of impartiality (docx)(pdf). The principal supervisor is responsible for submitting a declaration of impartiality from each proposed committee member.

Thesis requirements

The requirements for the PhD thesis are outlined in the Regulations for the PhD-degree § 10.1 and the Faculty of Medicine's Supplementary rules pertaining to the Regulations § 10.1.

Please note that theses written in English must include a scientific summary in Norwegian in the printed thesis. The summary should be up to 2 pages (800 - 1200 words). Equally, theses written in Norwegian must include a scientific summary in English. This summary forms part of the thesis and must be included in the thesis at the time of submission.

In addition to the scientific summary, you must write a popular scientific summary in Norwegian. This summary will be used for press releases and by the dean in connection with the conferral of the PhD degree. You must also write an English summary which will be used for the announcement of the thesis and which will be attached to the press release. More information about summaries of the thesis.

Source and citation check of doctoral thesis

All doctoral theses handed in for evaluation at the Faculty of Medicine are routinely scanned by a text recognition programme before the evaluation process is initiated. The entire thesis is scanned by the programme, but it is the thesis summary that is checked most thoroughly. If the candidate has handed in a monograph, the entire thesis is checked.

The routine has been introduced to ensure that doctoral theses at the Faculty of Medicine follow current guidelines for referencing at UiO. The programme reveals any text similarities between the candidate’s work and previously published works, and makes it easier to evaluate whether text excerpts are correctly and sufficiently referenced.

If the report generated by the programme shows text similarities that require further inspection, the principal supervisor and candidate will receive the report for review, and the candidate gets the opportunity to correct any mistakes or deficiencies in the references before the thesis is sent to the committee for evaluation.

The programme will not cover all sources, and the candidate still has an independent responsibility to ensure that all sources used in the thesis are correctly and sufficiently referenced.

Useful links:

Status of articles

You cannot change the status of the articles in your submitted PhD thesis. For example, an article with the status "in press" cannot change status to "published" prior to printing.

Correction of formal errors in the thesis (Errata)

You may apply for permission to correct formal errors in the thesis after submission. Errata is a list of corrections made in a thesis after it has been evaluated, but before it is printed.

Can a submitted thesis be withdrawn?

A submitted PhD work cannot be withdrawn before a final decision has been made as to whether it is worthy of defence.

Time for trial lecture and public defence

Trial lecture and public defence can at the earliest take place six weeks after the faculty has found the thesis worthy of defence.


Article-based theses

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