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Examination and Grading at The Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine’s goal is that exams should be valid and reliable. Importantly, the formal exams should be in alignment with the learning outcomes. Reliability should ensure that the exams are consistent or reproducible and included in the guidelines.

All study programmes have an outline of the programme description. The programme description includes information of the structure of the given study, including the course descriptions and the content, the academic credit, as well as learning outcomes for the particular study programme. The description of the study course ensure that it is embedded into the current regulatory framework for teaching as well as examination. The course’s contents is defined by its learning outcomes and syllabus or recommended literature.

The grading system in Norway is based on defined, qualitative criteria, and follows the European standard. Examinations are graded either as pass/fail or based on a graded scale of five steps from A to E to indicate “pass” and F for “fail”. The grading scale used for individual examinations is specified in the course description.

Different courses use various forms of examination, which test different forms and levels of competency. All forms of examination have their strengths and weaknesses, and the examinations are adapted to the course content and competencies that should be tested.

There are three different types of examinations guidelines at the faculty. Generic examination guidelines with assessment criteria that are available at all times; specific examination guidelines with solutions/proposed solutions for the specific exam that are published, at the latest, when the examination results are published; and examination guidelines containing a combination of generic and specific guidelines.

The table below give an overview of the different international programmes at the Faculty of Medicine. For the examination guidelines for the exams in the different courses, click on your study programme.

Medicine - module 6 (Objective Structured Clinical Exam(OSCE))
Medicine - module 6 (Written Exam)
Master's degree programme in International Community Health
Master's degree programme in Health Economics, Policy and Management, and European Master in Health Economics and Management