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Reading rooms

As a student at the Faculty of Medicine, you can use reading rooms and group rooms, and a locker. The access depends on the study programme you are taking. Some places, like the hospitals, require an access card all day. Access to the Faculty's buildings will be limited in relation to the access rights that follow from affiliation with a study programme.

The reading rooms at the faculty are open with reduced capacity due to the coronation situation and must be booked before use

The faculty has arranged for students to complete physical colloquia in selected rooms at Domus Medica. selected rooms at Domus Medica. Booking for physical colloquia at Domus Medica (in Norwegian).


Domus Medica

Open 07:00–23:00 every day. Must use a card and code after 18:00 on weekdays and all day at the weekend.

1st floor - reading room B, 132 spaces, and reading room C, 48 spaces.

2nd floor - reading room D, 38 spaces, and reading room E, 102 spaces.

Frederik Holsts hus

Open Monday – Friday, 08:00–15:45 (15:00). Room 123, 25 spaces  

Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet

Open all day using a card and code for students beginning semester 3 or later. B2.1019, B2.1021, B2.1022, with 156 reading room spaces.

Medical Library

87 work stations, including 19 places with PCs, 12 standing places with PCs and 6 work stations for microscopes.

Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål

Medical Library

Middle Building, 8th floor: 17 spaces. Open Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 18:00.

Laboratory building

  • Litttle reading room 1: 20 plasser

  • Litttle reading room 2: 20 plasser

  • Litttle reading room 1: 10 plasser

  • Litttle reading room 2: 10-12 plasser

Medical clinic

Student room, 4th floor: 10 spaces

The university wing at the Eye Department

Student room, 4th floor: 16 spaces

Akershus University Hospital

20 spaces in offices in Nye Nord 6, 6th floor. All student rooms also have a work station with a PC.

Opening hours: 08:00–18:00. Keys can be handed out for use after 18:00.

18 spaces in the medical academic and research library in Nye Nord, 1st floor, reserved for semester 11/12 students. Access all day by card and code.

Library reading spaces

Opening hours: Wednesday, 08:00–18:00 and Thursday – Friday, 08:00–16:00.

 There are also group rooms and a PC-room.

Summer time: Monday – Friday, 08:00–15:00

Open all day to users by card and code.


Domus Medica

The lockers are run by the Medical Students' Subject Committee (MFU). You claim a locker by hanging a padlock on a vacant locker, and then paying NOK 30 to Akademika. A sticker for the present semester will be placed on the locker, confirming your rent. Contact your year's MFU representative or the MFU secretary by e-mail if you have questions about lockers or other matters.

The MFU offices are in room B1.1024. This is on the 1st floor of Rikshospitalet, above the library, and in the same hall as the course room.

Note! MFU will remove the padlocks of unpaid lockers. Locker contents can be collected from the committee offices at a fee.

Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet

Student cloakrooms and lockers are in the basement in the B1 section. They are reserved for students following clinical group teaching at Rikshospitalet. When the studies begin, students will be given their own labels from the semester coordinator to stick on the lockers. The lockers must be cleared at the end of the semester. Uncollected contents will be thrown away.

Akershus University Hospital

All medical students receive a clothes locker.

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