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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Linn Bøhler Bøhler, Linn Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Dominique Andree Yvette Caugant Caugant, Dominique Andree Yvette Professor +47 22844637 Global South
Chola, Lumbwe Associate Professor
Picture of Vibeke Christie Christie, Vibeke Senior Adviser +47 22850643 Research administration, Regulations, Cristin, Research support, North-South programmes (NORHED)
Picture of Shereen Cox Née Dawkins Cox Née Dawkins, Shereen Doctoral Research Fellow +478163530255
Picture of Xuemei Cui Cui, Xuemei Adviser +47 22852861 Project management, Project coordination, EU project management, Research support, Research administration
Picture of Pascale Renée Cyr Cyr, Pascale Renée
Picture of Hanne Solveig Dagfinrud Dagfinrud, Hanne Solveig Adjunct Professor
Picture of Cecilie Dahl Dahl, Cecilie Associate Professor +47 22850630 Epidemiology, quantitative methods, environmental epidemiology, osteoporosis and fractures, microbiota, global public health
Dahlberg, Jørgen Researcher +47 22844662
Picture of Mina Dahli Dahli, Mina Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Vivian Moe Dalaker Dalaker, Vivian Moe Doctoral Research Fellow
Dalen, Unni Adviser
Dash, Keziah Chanyisa Khayadi Research Assistant
de Linde, Astrid Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Isa Dussauge Dussauge, Isa Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Kim Kristoffer Dysthe Dysthe, Kim Kristoffer Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Frode Eick Eick, Frode Doctoral Research Fellow Migration, UHC
Picture of Torunn Bjerve Eide Eide, Torunn Bjerve Postdoctoral Fellow
Eik, Hedda Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Louise Emilsson Emilsson, Louise Associate Professor
Picture of Thea Cecilie Engelsen Engelsen, Thea Cecilie Senior Adviser +47 22850505 91009941 Communication, Web editor, Web publishing
Picture of Grace Engen Engen, Grace Adviser +47 22850657
Picture of Christian Englien Englien, Christian Senior Executive Officer +47 22845048 Administration, Purchaser, Disputation
Picture of Ida Iren Eriksen Eriksen, Ida Iren