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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Haakon E Meyer Meyer, Haakon E Professor +47-22850649 Global South
Picture of Yvonne Anne Michel Michel, Yvonne Anne Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Anne-Lise Middelthon Middelthon , Anne-Lise Professor +47-22850591 Global South
Picture of Bente Mikkelsen Mikkelsen, Bente
Picture of Vinod Kumar Mishra Mishra, Vinod Kumar Researcher +47-23071176
Picture of Mari Elisabeth Mjøen Mjøen, Mari Elisabeth Senior Executive Officer +47-22845047
Picture of Anne Moen Moen, Anne Professor, Director UiO:eColab +47-228 50 540 +47 909 71 904 Nordic, Global South, USA
Picture of Kåre Moen Moen, Kåre Associate Professor +47-22850599 +47-90923780 Global South
Picture of Tron Anders Moger Moger, Tron Anders Professor +47-22844618
Picture of Anastasia Mokienko Mokienko, Anastasia
Picture of Tuva Moseng Moseng, Tuva
Picture of Oliver Mutanga Mutanga, Oliver Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22850659
Picture of Birgitte Lawaetz Myhrvold Myhrvold, Birgitte Lawaetz Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845009
Picture of Anne Britt Mølsæter Mølsæter, Anne Britt Adviser
Picture of Per Nafstad Nafstad, Per Professor +47-22850621 Global South
Picture of Bård Natvig Natvig, Bård Professor +47-22850608 Social security medicine, Health education, Musculo-skeletal system, Epidemiology
Picture of Birthe Neset (On leave) Neset (On leave), Birthe Student Adviser Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Examination, Courses, Admissions
Picture of Anne-Gunn Thyrum Nilsen Nilsen, Anne-Gunn Thyrum Section Manager +47-22845044 Management, Administrative management, Education
Picture of Birgitta Blakstad Nilsson Nilsson, Birgitta Blakstad +47-22845350
Picture of Halvor Nordby Nordby, Halvor Associate Professor +47-90135154
Norvoll, Reidun
Picture of Magne Nylenna Nylenna, Magne Professor II +47-22850532
Picture of Gro Næss Næss, Gro
Picture of Øyvind Næss Næss, Øyvind Associate Professor +47-22850663
Picture of Marthe-Lise Næss-Andresen Næss-Andresen, Marthe-Lise Doctoral Research Fellow