A World in Transitions: Implications for Priorities and Efficiencies in Global Health

The Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services and the Centre for Global Health at the University of Oslo welcomes you to an event on priorities and efficiencies in global health.

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The world is facing multiple serious challenges. The most serious pandemic in 100 years, coupled with climate and environmental crisis, economic instability, a severe military crisis in Europe, creates ripple effects throughout the globe. It is also happening in a world of increased geopolitical tensions, between east and west and north and south. This is impacting macroeconomic stability and putting severe constraints on many sectors and societies. Impacting livelihoods and businesses across all regions and countries, putting severe constraints on many sectors and societies related to all aspects of global health, across all regions and countries. Gains in population health are in danger of being lost and our efforts in global health, both on global collective, regional and national needs as well as external support for lower income countries, are constrained. Equitable distribution of resources and strategic priority is imperative nationally, regionally, and globally.

Frenk, Julio, Tore Godal, Octavio Gómez-Dantés, and Jonas Gahr Store. "A reinvigorated multilateralism in health: lessons and innovations from the COVID-19 pandemic." The Lancet (2022).

Full article available here

Join us on October 14, 2022 for a hybrid event organized by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services and the Centre for Global Health at the University of Oslo where invited speakers use lessons from the past to discuss our current situation, which calls for a new way of thinking.


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Title Speaker
Registration & Mingling, all seated by 12:55

Image may contain: Glasses, Forehead, Hair, Smile, Cheek.Jeanette H. Magnus 

Director, Centre for Global Health, University of Oslo (UiO)

Opening remarks

Image may contain: Glasses, Smile, Vision care, Sleeve, Gesture.Svein Stølen 

Rector, UiO


Image may contain: Outerwear, Forehead, Nose, Hair, Smile.Cathrine M. Lofthus 

Secretary General, Ministry of Health and Care Services, Norway

Part 1: Setting the Stage

A World in Transitions

Julio Frenk

President, University of Miami

Sustainable Development at a Challenging Time

Gro Harlem Brundtland 

Former Prime Minister of Norway, Former Director-General, World Health Organization

Trends in Financing Global Public Goods for Health, External Support and Domestic Financing for Health

Image may contain: Person, Forehead, Chin, Smile, Facial expression.Christopher Murray

Chair and Professor, Department of Health Metrics Sciences & Institute Director, Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation, University of Washington

Inequity and Inequality in Global Health

Image may contain: Smile.Magda Robalo

Former Minister of Health, Guinea Bissau, Managing Director, Women in Global Health

Priority Setting: Challenges and Opportunity

Ole F. Norheim

Director, Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Settings, University of Bergen

Discussion Roundtable with Speakers


John-Arne Røttingen | Global Health Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway

Coffee break

Part 2: National, Regional and Global Challenges

National, Regional, & Global Investments from a Norwegian Public Health Perspective

Ingvild Kjerkol

Minister of Health and Care Services, Norway

National, Regional, & Global Roles from an Kenyan Perspective

Mercy Mwangangi

Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Health, Kenya

Regional Challenges for the World in Transitions

Francisco Perez-Canado

DG Sante of the European Commission

Collaborative Efforts Between Agencies

Peter Singer

Special Advisor to Director General, WHO

Challenge and Opportunity in Relation to Global Public Goods

Erling Rimestad

State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway

Challenges in ‘Over-Seas’ Development

Bjørg Sandkjær

State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway

Discussion Roundtable with Speakers

Image may contain: Forehead, Cheek, Smile, Neck, Gesture.Moderator

Camilla Stoltenberg | Director General, Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Part 3: Looking Forward

Researching Global Health: challenges and opportunities

Image may contain: Person, Hair, Smile, Sleeve, Gesture.Katerini Storeng

Associate Professor, Centre for Development and the Environment, UiO

From Priority Setting to Action

Helen Clark

Board Chair, Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH) & Former Prime Minister, New Zealand

Summary of the Day

Bjørn-Inge Larsen

Special Rep for International Health, Ministry of Health and Care Services, Norway

5-minute break

Part 4: Reflections

The Evolution of Global Health: Drawing on the lessons from last 25 years to face current challenges

Image may contain: Dress shirt, Tie, Gesture, Collar, Suit.Julio Frenk

President, University of Miami


Jonas Gahr Støre

Norwegian Prime Minister

Reception Fanehallen (Artilleriloftet)

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