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Complex interventions in the Health Services (KompIHS)

The goal of the research group KompIHS  is to contribute to the development of methods and theories related to research on complex interventions in the health services.

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About the group

This research group was established to create an arena where the members of the group could exchange ideas and experiences about complex interventions. The goal is to contribute to the development of methods and theories within the framework of research on complex interventions in the health services. In the long term, the group intends to develop new research projects that include development of methods and theory related to complex interventions.

Information about events and other news from the research group will be published on the Norwegian site.


The projects that are part of the research group's portfolio include intervention studies aimed at addressing health challenges at the individual level as well as system and service level challenges. This means that the interventions can target different groups: patients, informal or family caregivers, healthcare professionals or other relevant actors and systems. These interventions can be designed for implementation in both primary and specialist health services, as well as across the service levels.


CHARM:Research Centre for Habilitation and Rehabilitation Models & Services



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