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BASIC – Better Treatment for Acute Sinusitis in Primary Health Care

Acute sinusitis is a leading cause of antibiotic treatment in primary care, although most patients do not benefit from antibiotic treatment. There is a need to reduce the amount of prescribed antibiotics, due to the increasing challenges of antimicrobial resistance.

This project will test a novel treatment option for acute sinusitis, which is shown to be superior to systemic antibiotics in a pilot study; chloramphenicol eye drops.

To tailor the intervention, we will obtain data on the experience, health seeking behaviour, diagnostics and treatment of acute sinusitis, both through qualitative research, a nationwide survey, electronic patient record search and user group involvement. The patients in the trial will report own symptoms, and health registry data (former treatment, diagnoses, health encounters) will be obtained. To secure the safety of reducing antibiotic prescribing for acute sinusitis, health registry data on prescribing and complications that may arise from lack of antibiotic treatment will be analyzed.


The project has received funding from The Research Council of Norway.


  • Project Start: 1 October 2019
  • Project End: 30 September 2023


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