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Studies in Quality and Cost of Care for the Elderly (completed)

We study the effects of management systems and financing mechanisms on the cost, quality and composition of care for elderly people.


About the project

In Norway, the major share of long term care is financed by the public sector. Due to the growing proportion of elderly in the population more attention is devoted to the organization and financing of care for elderly people.

Our research focuses on developments in the health of elderly people and their need for care resources.  It also examines the effects of management and financing mechanisms on the cost and quality of care and on the composition of types of care arrangements.

Examples of research questions that are explored by theory and empirical methods are:

  • What is the impact of  management type on cost and quality of nursing home care?
  • How does the Norwegian system of transfers and co-payments influence income and expenditures for elderly people, their families, municipalities, and the state?
  • Do municipalities actually respond to economic incentives in the assignment and composition of long-term care for the elderly?


The aim is to provide knowledge on some issues highlighted in Report no. 25 to the Storting (2005-2006): “Long-term care – future challenges. Care plan 2015”, about future challenges in long-term care in Norway. The report states that more knowledge about governance, management and leadership is required. We respond to this concern by focusing on the associations between the different financial and management arrangements and the composition, cost  and quality of care for the elderly. An objective of Sub-project A is to study the role of leadership for nursing home quality and costs. In Sub-project B we study the role of the financing system for the allocation and composition of long-term care in the municipalities.


  • Sub-project A: Leadership in nursing homes – impact on quality of care, job satisfaction and costs
  • Sub-project B: The impact of economic incentives on the composition of long-term care services


University of Oslo and the Research Council of Norway: Project 187986/V50 “Studies in Quality and Cost of Care for the Elderly”


This project is a collaborative effort involving:

Project start and finish

2009 - 2016

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