Health of Same-sex Attracted Women in Brazil (completed)

The study investigates how health interventions and policies targeting sexual minority groups may contribute to shape the lived experiences of female homosexuality in Brazil.

About the project

Through an investigation of same-sex attracted women’s daily life experiences and academic publications about this theme, this study explores how health notions and concepts are incorporated and translated into women’s understandings and actions. The background for this study is the active role played by social movements in the Brazilian political landscape, and their impact on the development of health services and interventions.


This study focus in three major thematic areas:

  1. To describe how homosexual women understand themselves and perform their self-understandings in the Brazilian context
  2. To identify health issues that are relevant for same-sex attracted women from their own points of view
  3. To explore women’s experiences when seeking healthcare


A mix of qualitative research methods produces the data for this study, and ethnographic fieldwork is carried out in the Southern part of Brazil. The study draws heavily on theoretical inputs. Perspectives from anthropology, sociology and philosophy constitute the main theoretical foundation for the analysis.


  • University of Oslo

Start - finish

2016 - 2019

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