Integrate health technology assessment (completed)

Using palliative care as a case study, the Integrate-HTA project aims to develop concepts and methods that enable a patient-centred, comprehensive assessment of complex health technologies.

About the project

Complex health technologies are imperative for matching the rise in chronic diseases in ageing populations. Despite considerable achievements in recent years, contemporary health technology assessment (HTA) is currently sub-optimally equipped for the assessment of complex technologies. In order to achieve a more structured, transparent, comprehensive, patient-centred assessment of complex technologies (evidence-informed context based decision making), policy-makers need tools that bridge current methodological gaps to support their decision making.


INTEGRATE-HTA aims to adapt and develop concepts and methods for HTA to enable an integrated assessment of issues of complex technologies as follows:

  1. Assessment of effectiveness and economic-, social-, cultural-, and ethical issues of complex technologies
  2. Assessment of patient preferences and patient-specific moderators of treatment
  3. Assessment of context, setting, and implementation
  4. Integrating all issues in a comprehensive patient-centred assessment
  5. Closing existing methodological gaps in the assessment of complex technologies

Palliative care will be used as a case study to test the methodology developed within the framework of the INTEGRATE-HTA project. Insights from the case study are subsequently used to refine the developed methodology and enhance its applicability to other complex technologies.



  • EU FP7 (Grant agreement no 306141)


The INTEGRATE-HTA consortium consists of 7 partners from 5 different countries.

  • University of Bremen, Germany (coodinator)
  • Radboud University Medical Centre, Netherlands
  • University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany
  • Ecorys Nederland B.V., Netherlands
  • Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Rome, Italy

Start - finish

January 2013 – December 2015

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