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The effect evaluation of combined cognitive and vocational interventions after mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury

The project combines the rehabilitation and vocational science perspectives; it involves multidisciplinary collaboration, and explores the efficacy of increased cross-sectorial collaboration between specialized health care services and the welfare system.

About the project

A considerable number of patients with mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) experience long-lasting somatic, cognitive, and emotional symptoms that may hamper their capacity to return to work (RTW). Although several studies have described medical, psychological and work-related factors that predict RTW after TBI, well-controlled intervention studies regarding RTW in this group are scarce. Furthermore, there have traditionally been weak collaborations between rehabilitation services in the health sector, the Labor and Welfare Administration (NAV), and the work places. The current project describes an innovative randomized controlled trial (RCT) which will explore the effect of combined manualized cognitive rehabilitation efforts and supported employment in real-life competitive work settings for patients who have not returned to work 8 weeks post-injury. If the intervention proves efficient, the project will further describe the cost-effectiveness and -utility of the program, and hereby provide important information of use for policy makers. In addition, the study aims at generating knowledge of the RTW-process for persons with TBI and the workplaces, as well as to disseminate this knowledge in order to create new multidisciplinary and collaborative practices.  

More information could be found at, NCT03092713

PhD students

Emilie I. Howe og Silje Fure have both successfully completed their PhD in this project. Benedicte Madsen is the new PhD student employed in the project.

A PhD student from OsloMet, Hans Christoffer Aargaard Terjesen, is also affiliated with the project.

Public Involvement

Norwegian Personal Injury Association (LTN)


  • Norwegian Research Council


  • Oslo University Hospital
  • Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital
  • OsloMet,  Work Research Institute
  • NAV, Hjelpemidler og tilrettelegging
  • University of California San Diego, USA
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, USA
  • Monash University, Australia
  • User organization, Norwegian Personal Injury Association (LTN)


Selected publications

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Nada Andelic


  • Cecilie Røe
  • Eline Aas
  • Nada Hadzic-Andelic
  • Alexander Olsen
  • Anne-Kristine Schanke
  • Anne-Margrete Linnestad
  • Benedicte Madsen
  • Cathrine Brunborg
  • Christine Misje Moen
  • Daniele Evelyn Alves
  • Elizabeth Twamley
  • Emilie I. Howe
  • Grete Wangen
  • Hans Christoffer Aargaard Terjesen
  • Heidi Enehaug
  • Helene L. Søberg
  • Helene Ugelstad
  • Jennie Ponsford
  • Juan Lu
  • Karin Torsteinsbrend
  • Kjersti Sagstad
  • Marianne Løvstad
  • Per Ola Rike
  • Pål Klethagen
  • Silje Fure
  • Tonje Haug Nordenmark
  • Torgeir Hellstrøm
  • Unni Sveen
  • Øystein Spjelkavik
Detailed list of participants