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Department of Administration and Support Services

The Department of Administration and Support Services hosts a broad specter of administrative and technical support functions for the Institute. The Department is led by Head of Administration Hela Soltani and consists of five sections with a total of 50 employees.

The Finance Section provides financial support and control functions, as well as research administration.

Section for Human Resources (HR) and Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) supports our leaders, staff and organization.

Section for Education Management and Administrative Services provides a broad range of administrative services, including purchase and invoices.

Section of Internal Service hosts our local IT unit, a mechanical and an electronics workshop, our photo and graphics services, and supports the UiO’s Estate Department in local building projects.

Section for Comparative Medicine is the Institute's research animal facility.



Postal address Postboks 1110 Blindern, 0317 Oslo Visiting address Sognsvannsveien 9 Domus Medica 0372 Oslo

Unit codes

Cost center 13050500 Purchasing, finance, salary and more Old unit ID 510100 Vortex, FS and more