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NORBRAIN: The Norwegian Brain Initiative

NORBRAIN is a large-scale national infrastructure project with funding for the next-generation equipment needed to address the basic principles of brain operation.

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The NORBRAIN infrastructure initiative in Oslo is a part of the continuation of important scientific qualities from the CoE Centre for Molecular Biology and Neuroscience (CMBN), where CMBN-derived research environments continue as new Scientific Excellence Research Thematic Areas (SERTAs) at the Faculty of Medicine, UiO.

Equipment and services

NORBRAIN is a service for advanded medical research teams. Our equipment and services are available for booking.

The NORBRAIN core facilities at the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital have the following services/equipment:


The two other NORBRAIN partners are the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience/Centre for the Biology of Memory and the Medical Imaging Laboratory, both at the Norwegian University for Science and Technology.

Through a system of associated members and a national training programme, researchers from institutions throughout the country will be actively encouraged to use the new facilities for innovative work in their own fields. The infrastructure will be one node of an international network of neuroscience infrastructures.

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