NORBRAIN Two-photon Laser Scanning Microscope

Two-photon laser scanning microscopy (2PLSM; a form of non-linear laser scanning microscopy) is a fluorescence imaging technique that allows fast and minimally invasive imaging of living tissue to a depth of one millimeter at sub-micrometer lateral resolution.

Photo: Letten Centre, UiO.

Compared to confocal microscopy, 2PLSM offers the advantages of deeper tissue penetration, less photo damage outside the focal region, inherent optical slicing and less chromatic aberration.

2PLSM can be used to image the structure and function of brain cells in living research animals (most commonly mice and rats). For example, the technology enables imaging of calcium signaling at the synaptic level, even on the millisecond time scale, cerebral blood flow (after intravascular injection of fluorescent dye), brain fluid dynamics (after injection of fluorescent tracer in the cerebrospinal fluid), and brain metabolism (NADH fluorescence).


We have three models “Ultima IV” two-photon laser scanning microscopy stations and one model "MOM" two-photon laser scanning microscopy station.

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Prices excl. technician  
Internat* 715 NOK per hour
Academic** 715 NOK +VAT per hour
Commercial** 1650 NOK +VAT per hour
Prices incl. technician  
Internal* 1250 NOK per hour
Academic** 1250 NOK +VAT per hour
Commercial** 2250 NOK +VAT per hour

* UiO/NORBRAIN and/or scientific partners with cooperation contract

** 25% VAT will be added to the price



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