• Solar and artificial UV exposure: We study UV exposure from natural sun and solariums in relation to incidence of cancer and mortality. This is collaboration with the Norwegian Women and Cancer study, NOWAC, University of Tromsø, and the Women’s Lifestyle and Health study, WLH, Karolinska Institutet.
  • Causal inference in cancer epidemiology: The Norwegian cohort studies and health registries represent a unique treasure, which needs to be more extensively exploited with efficient modern analytical tools. We will in collaboration with the research group ‘Causal inference methods’ use techniques from modern causal inference to study the complex associations between UV exposure and melanoma.
  • Bias in exposure-disease associations in epidemiological studies. Exposure assessment is an important methodological problem in epidemiology. We estimate misclassification of exposure measured by reproducibility and recall bias, and study bias in risk estimates for exposure-disease associations.
  • Optimal use of statistical methods in medical research.   Clinical studies frequently involve non-trivial designs that give complex data structures. We study modern statistical methods and will show that by extracting more information from the data, we get more insight into the clinical problem.
  • Exposure related risk of cancer in Norwegian offshore petroleum workers. 
    In collaboration with the Cancer Registry of Norway, we study occupational exposures and risk of cancer in Norwegian offshore petroleum workers using the Offshore-cohort.
  • Benzene-related risk of cancer among Norwegian offshore workers. 
    In collaboration with the Cancer Registry of Norway, we study benzene exposure and the risk of cancer among offshore workers in recent years using data from the Heliport-cohort.
  • Prognostic factors in cutaneous melanoma. We use data from the Cancer Registry of Norway to study trends in melanoma tumour thickness at diagnosis, and the incidence and mortality of melanoma by tumour thickness.


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