• First demonstration of the requirement of serotonin for animal locomotion (Glover and Kramer, Science, 1984).
  • Invented the technique of retrograde labeling using conjugated dextrans, now used world-wide (Glover et al., J. Neurosci. Methods, 1986).
  • First demonstration of clonal relationships giving rise to neuron columns in a laminar brain structure, and the progression from symmetric to asymmetric divisions in clones of neural stem cells (Gray et al., PNAS, 1988).
  • First description of the development of an identified spinal interneuron in an amniote embryo (Eide and Glover, J. Neurosci., 1996).
  • Demonstration of a retinoid-dependent segmental patterning of sympathetic preganglionic neurons (Forehand et al., PNAS, 1998)
  • Segmental analyses of reticulospinal and vestibular projection neurons in avians and mammals (Glover and Petursdottir, J. Neurobiol., 1991; Diaz et al., Dev. Biol. 1998; Auclair et al., J. Comp. Neurol., 1999; Pasqualetti et al., J. Neurosci., 2007).
  • First demonstration of an in vivo differentiation of adult human non-neural somatic stem cells to neurons (SIgurjonsson et al., PNAS, 2006).
  • First characterization using dynamic imaging methods of the emergence of an entire polysynaptic reflex pathway in a vertebrate (Glover et al., submitted).
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