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Neural Development and Optical Recording

The Laboratory of Neural Development  (NDEVOR) is dedicated to the study of the functional development of brain and spinal cord networks with special focus on motor and premotor circuitry.

Illustration: Gunnar F. Lothe

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Experimental approaches include molecular genetic and biochemical techniques to follow the process of neuronal differentiation, advanced neuroanatomical techniques for mapping axonal projections and synaptic connections, and electrophysiogical and optical recording techniques for assessing the functional development of synaptic connections and circuits.

Particular emphasis has been on the motor circuitry involved in vestibular control, locomotion and autonomic functions.

Another principal research focus is on the differentiation of neurons from human somatic and embryonic stem cells, and the use of stem cell-derived neurons to treat spinal cord injury.

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Dept. of Molecular Medicine
Domus Medica
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