EBRAINS: Distributed infrastructure for brain and brain-inspired sciences

EBRAINS is a digital research infrastructure for brain science and brain-inspired technology.

EBRAINS is created by the Human Brain Project (HBP) and draws on cutting-edge neuroscience, computing, robotics and related technologies to support basic and clinical research and translate the latest scientific discoveries into innovation in industry and medicine. 

What is EBRAINS?

EBRAINS is a research infrastructure providing scientists with the tools and services necessary to address challenges in brain research and brain-inspired technology development.

The EBRAINS tools and resources assist scientists to collect, analyse, share, integrate brain data, and to perform modelling and simulation of brain function.

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About The Human Brain Project

The Human Brain Project is developing EBRAINS as a lasting contribution to the global science community. The aim of The Human Brain Project is to deepen the understanding of human brain structure and function, by building a European research infrastructure that harnesses multiple disciplines and computing, and advances science, ICT and medicine, to the benefit of society.

The Human Brain Project (HBP) is the largest brain science project in Europe and stands among the biggest research projects ever funded by the European Union.

Role of UiO in EBRAINS

The University of Oslo has several groups involved in the Human Brain Project. The Neural Systems laboratory at the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences is leading the following parts of EBRAINS:

  • EBRAINS Data and Knowledge: Find and share data 
  • EBRAINS The rat brain atlas
  • EBRAINS Tools for atlas based analysis of data from animal models

Background & Funding

This project is supported by successive EU grant agreements. In 2015, the Human Brain Project Framework Partnership Agreement, was signed to cover the Flagship implementation under the EU 8th Framework Programme for R&D (FP8), which is also known as “Horizon 2020”.

The Human Brain Project has developed EBRAINS as a lasting contribution to the global science community.

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