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Norkost 4

Norkost 4 is a dietary survey where a representative sample of the adult Norwegian population aged 18-80 years is invited to participate.

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The project provides information about Norwegian dietary habits and how they change over time. 

Norkost is financed and carried out by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the University of Oslo.

In the first part of the project we are testing if the methods and the design we use are appropriate for collecting data in the second part of the study.

Why is Norkost 4 important?

Norkost 4 provides updated information about dietary habits in Norway. By comparing the results to previous studies we can see how the diet changes over time. Dietary habits can also be studied in relation to the population's health.

Data collected in the Norkost studies are used in a wide range of areas in research and for public health purposes in the Norwegian society, including comparing dietary habits to national recommendations and studying how dietary habits differ in various subgroups of the population. The data are also used for estimating intakes of substances we should limit the intake of.

It is important to know what we eat in Norway!

How is data collected?
The collection of data in Norkost starts in January 2021. Participation involved completing two telephone interviews and answering an online questionnaire.
Only persons who have received an invitation brochure may participate.
Everyone who completes the study will receive a gift card ( and will be offered a short feedback on their diet.

This is the fourth Norkost study

Three previous Norkost studies have been conducted in norwegian adults:

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