Anita Løvstad Sørensen

Overingeniør - Stamcelleepigenetikk
Bilde av Anita Løvstad Sørensen
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Rom 2256
Besøksadresse Sognsvannsveien 9 Domus Medica 0372 Oslo
Postadresse Postboks 1112 Blindern 0317 Oslo


Molekylær biologisk laboratoriearbeid.


2008: Master i Molekylær biologi ved UiO.

1983: MIP ingeniør ved Oslo ingeniørhøyskole.



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  • Oldenburg, Anja; Briand, Nolwenn; Sørensen, Anita Løvstad; Cahyani, Inswasti; Shah, Akshay; Moskaug, Jan Øivind & Collas, Philippe (2017). A lipodystrophy-causing lamin A mutant alters conformation and epigenetic regulation of the anti-adipogenic MIR335 locus. Journal of Cell Biology.  ISSN 0021-9525.  216(9), s 2731- 2743 . doi: 10.1083/jcb.201701043
  • Paulsen, Jonas; Sekelja, Monika; Oldenburg, Anja; Barateau, Alice; Briand, Nolwenn; Delbarre, Erwan; Shah, Akshay; Sørensen, Anita Løvstad; Vigouroux, Corinne; Buendia, Brigitte & Collas, Philippe (2017). Chrom3D: Three-dimensional genome modeling from Hi-C and nuclear lamin-genome contacts. Genome Biology.  ISSN 1465-6906.  18:21, s 1- 15 . doi: 10.1186/s13059-016-1146-2
  • Taghdouini, Adil El; Sørensen, Anita Løvstad; Reiner, Andrew Henry; Coll, Mar; Verhulst, Stefaan; Mannaerts, Inge; Øie, Cristina Ionica; Smedsrød, Bård; Najimi, Mustapha; Sokal, Etienne; Luttun, Aernout; Sancho-Bru, Pau; Collas, Philippe & Grunsven, Leo A van (2015). Genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation and gene Expression patterns in purified, uncultures human liver cells and activated hepatic stellate cells. OncoTarget.  ISSN 1949-2553.  6(29), s 26729- 26745 . doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.4925 Fulltekst i vitenarkiv.
  • Delbarre, Erwan; Jacobsen, Bente Marie Berntsen; Reiner, Andrew Henry; Sørensen, Anita Løvstad; Kuntziger, Thomas Michel & Collas, Philippe (2010). Chromatin Environment of Histone Variant H3.3 Revealed by Quantitative Imaging and Genome-scale Chromatin and DNA Immunoprecipitation. Molecular Biology of the Cell.  ISSN 1059-1524.  21(11), s 1872- 1884 . doi: 10.1091/mbc.E09-09-0839
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  • Sørensen, Anita Løvstad; Jacobsen, Bente Marie Berntsen; Reiner, Andrew Henry; Andersen, Ingrid Stavenes & Collas, Philippe (2010). Promoter DNA Methylation Patterns of Differentiated Cells Are Largely Programmed at the Progenitor Stage. Molecular Biology of the Cell.  ISSN 1059-1524.  21(12), s 2066- 2077 . doi: 10.1091/mbc.E10-01-0018
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  • Collas, Philippe; Noer, Agate & Sørensen, Anita Løvstad (2008). Epigenetic basis for the differentiation potential of mesenchymal and embryonic stem cells. Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy.  ISSN 1660-3796.  35(3), s 205- 215 . doi: 10.1159/000127449
  • Boquest, Andrew Craig; Noer, Agate; Sørensen, Anita Løvstad; Vekterud, Kristin & Collas, Philippe (2007). CpG methylation profiles of endothelial cell-specific gene promoter regions in adipose tissue stem cells suggest limited differentiation potential toward the endothelial cell lineage. Stem Cells.  ISSN 1066-5099.  25(4), s 852- 861
  • Boqest, Andrew Craig; Noer, Agate; Sørensen, Anita Løvstad; Vekterud, Kristin & Collas, Philippe (2006). CpG Methylation Profiles of Endothelial Cell-Specific Gene Promoter Regions in Adipose Tissue Stem Cells Suggest Limited Differentiation Potential toward the Endothelial Cell Lineage. Stem Cells.  ISSN 1066-5099.
  • Noer, Agate; Sørensen, Anita Løvstad; Boquest, Andrew Craig & Collas, Philippe (2006). Stable CpG hypomethylation of adipogenic promoters in freshly isolated, cultured, and differentiated mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue. Molecular Biology of the Cell.  ISSN 1059-1524.  17, s 3543- 3556
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