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Department of Pharmacology (FAR)

Pharmacology is the science of medicinal drug actions on biological systems, one of the principal ways of treating disease.

Appropriate use of therapeutics in clinical medicine depends on firm knowledge in basic and clinical pharmacology.

Department of Pharmacology is responsible for research in and teaching of undergraduate and graduate students in pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo. The current research focus is on cardiac pharmacology, cancer pharmacology, neuropharmacology and pharmacotherapy.

Group leaders:

  • Professor Finn Olav Levy, Receptors, signalling and cardiac pharmacology
  • Professor Lars Nilsson, Alzheimer's disease / Neuropharmacology
  • Associate Professor Marianne Klemp, Pharmacotherapy - Comparative effectiveness and new targets


Postal address Postboks 1057 Blindern 0316 Oslo Visiting address Sognsvannsveien 20 Rikshospitalet 0372 Oslo Org. Unit ID: 531815