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Department of Clinical Molecular Biology

The department of clinical molecular biology (EpiGen) is a research laboratory shared between Akershus University Hospital and The Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo.

EpiGen maintains its own research profile through the clinical and academic faculty, and provides service and support for external clinicians and scientists to perform translational research of high quality.

The research environment at EpiGen is interdisciplinary and consists of scientists, clinicians, study nurses, technicians, PhD students and Postdoctoral fellows.

Research areas

Genomic stability and Mithophagy, Colon and Breast cancer, Inflammatory bowel disease, Neuronal disorders, Infectious diseases and Infection epidemiology, Cardiothoracic diseases, Molecular mechanisms in pediatric and renal diseases, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome. 

How can we help you

The research laboratory at Epigen has equipment and personnel trained in molecular biology to help you answer a wide range of biological questions using various biological specimens (cells, blood/serum, cerebrospinal fluid, fresh frozen and formalin-fixed tissues, faeces).

  • DNA, RNA and protein analysis: We can isolate DNA and RNA. Through sequencing, we can find mutations in the genes or chromosomal regions you are interested in or we can provide epigenetic information about the region of interest. We can use several methods to measure the expression of genes and proteins. See list of equipment and techniques.
  • Functional analysis: Have you identified a mutation in your favorite gene? We can express the gene and determine the consequences for activity.
  • Biomarkers: We can develop bioassays that will help you make use of high-throughout screening facilities for translational medicine and to identify small molecule inhibitors.

Who we are

Research Groups

  • DNA Repair  – Professor Hilde Nilsen
  • Cancer Genomincs  – Professor Vessela Kristensen
  • Inflammatory bowel disease  - Professor emeritus Morten Vatn
  • Obesity and Metabolic syndrome - Professor Yvonne Böttcher
  • DNA Repair and Mithophagy - Researcher Evandro Fei Fang 

Associated Research Groups

  • Tormod Fladby
  • Anne Hansen Ree
  • Helge Røsjø/Torbjørn Omland
  • Vegard Bruun Wyller
  • Britt Nakstad
  • Jørgen Jahnsen
  • Hege Vangstein Aamot
  • Truls Michael Leegaard
  • Stephan Brackmann
  • Peter Ricanek
  • Rune Bruhn Jakobsen
  • Asbjørn Årøen
  • Magnus Von Unge
  • Trygve Holmøy



Postal address Akershus University Hospital Att: EpiGen PO box 1000 1478 Lørenskog Norway Visiting address Akershus University Hospital Sykehusveien 25 EpiGen Behandlingsbygg 1 3rd Floor Lørenskog Norway

Unit codes

Old unit ID 538210 Vortex, FS and more