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Visiting address Sykehusveien 25 1474 Nordbyhagen
Postal address Akershus universitetssykehus 1478 Lørenskog

Dr. Wang was trained as a theoretical and computational physicist at Bergen University.

His first post-doc position was at the Cancer Research Institute of Norwegian Radium Hospital. The main goal was to develop data-mining software for biologists for analyzing microarray experiments.

His second post-doc training was at the Biology Department of Columbia University in New York City. The objective was to expand the knowledge in molecular biology and to be able to solve biology problems with computer simulation.

From year 2007 to 2021, he was a scientist at the Oslo University Hospital - Norwegian Radium Hospital, and frequently collaborates with biologists in research projects.

Currently, he is a researcher in University of Oslo. His main research interest is to design/develop advanced mathematical methods and computational tools for solving problems in cancer biology.

Current PhD students and co-supervised with Professor Magnar Bjørås:

  •     Amna Farooq (UiO PhD student in Computational biology)
  •     Omer Ali (UiO PhD student in Bioinformatics)
  •     Marco Pannone (NTNU PhD student in Computational biology)

Master students and co-supervised with others:

  •     Terese E. Zylla (UiO Master student in Computational biology)
  •     Jenny S. Dragland (NMBU Master student in Computational biology)
  •     Sofia Ma (UiO Master student in Computational biology)

Main supervisor of following students and postdoc:


  •     Dr. Kirill Batmanov (postdoc in bioinformatics, now computational biology scientist at University of Pennsylvania)
  •     MSc. Sindre Gronmyr (master student in bioinformatics UIO, now Backend Developer at Tillit Forsikring)
  •     MSc. Alireza Sahaf Naeini (PhD student in OUS/UIO, quit PhD to became data engineer at RiksTV)
Tags: biostatistics, cancer, bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Life science


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