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Visiting address OUS Rikshospitalet Sognsvannsveien 20 0372 Oslo
Postal address OUS, Rikshospitalet, Postboks 4950 Nydal 0424 Oslo



Associate professor Marius Trøseid is a senior consultant in infectious diseases and clinical immunology at Oslo University Hospital, and is leading a national research network on clinical microbiota science ( I this environment, we have developed an in house sequencing-based microbiota-profiling pipeline including bioinformatics and applied it in multiple conditions and study designs, including RCTs in chronic infections and inflammatory diseases. Trøseid has been involved in several RCTs as PI or co-PI, including interventions with statins, probiotics, antibiotics and life style interventions. 

Ongoing projects

Ongoing projects include CoMicS (Copenhagen-Oslo HIV Comorbidity and Microbiota Study), the largest microbiota study in HIV-infected individuals to date, the EU funded SCRATCH consortium (Microbiota-based SCReening of Anal Cancer in HIV-infected individuals), and the recently finalized first-in-man multi center RCT of gut microbiota intervention in heart failure (GutHeart trial).

Clinical and scientific focus 

More recently, the clinical and scientific focus has shifted to also include COVID-19, as part of the Nordic branch of the WHO solidarity trial, as coordinator of the national reference group on COVID-19 treatment in Norway and as co-applicant for the Horizon 2020 consortium EU-RESPONSE (European Research and Preparedness Network for Pandemics and Emerging Infectious Diseases). Trøseid is now chief investigator of the novel pan-European adaptive platform trial for COVID and emerging pandemics, EU SolidAct, set up to run phase II and phase III trials in around 15 European countries.

Tags: gut microbiota, immunology, inflammation, HIV, Covid-19, RCT
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