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Oslo HIV Research Network

The Oslo HIV Research Network is a network of HIV researchers with main affiliations to other research groups at University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital.

About the network

Up until now, most of the research has been translational, which means accessing biomedical laboratory methods on human samples from people living with HIV to test hypotheses related to clinical questions. We also perform early-phase clinical studies on new treatments for HIV infection.

The network aims to include researchers with epidemiological, clinical, or virological projects relating to HIV infection.

Long-term goals

The Oslo HIV Research Network was established in 2020 to encourage collaboration among HIV researchers in the greater Oslo area. Acknowledging that the HIV-related research in Norway tended to be fragmented with only incidental collaboration between researchers we aimed to establish a platform for regular and systematic cooperative efforts and expansion of HIV research in Norway.

We do this by

  • Taking advantage of the complementary methodological repertoire of the various research groups.
  • Project collaboration through the whole process from research ideas, through hypothesis development, funding proposals, and project management, supervision and mentoring.
  • Inviting and encouraging researchers in other medical fields to enter the field of HIV research.
  • Recruit students and medical residents to HIV research.



  • Department of Gastrenterology, Oslo University Hospital, Asle W. Medhus
  • Center for Clinical Heart Research, Oslo University Hospital and Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo, Ingebjørg Seljeflot
  • NoPSC, Oslo University Hospital and Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo, Johannes R. Hov, Martin Kummen


  • Rigshospitalet University Hospital, Copenhagen, Susanne Dam Nielsen
  • Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Piotr Nowak
  • Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal, Madrid, Sergio Serrano-Villar
  • Aarhus University Hospital, Ole Schmeltz Søgaard, Jesper Damsgaard Gunst
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