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Phone +47 23066821
Mobile phone +47-99343167
Visiting address Sognsvannsveien 21 building nr 20 0372 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1039 Blindern 0315 Oslo


Head of Research- Division of Mental Health & Addiction, Oslo University Hospital

Head - Division of Mental Health & Addiction, Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo 

Project leader: NORPART projet between Norway and Nepal in collaboration in higher education in mental health


  • Specialist training in Adult Psychiatry completed in 2010 from Oslo University Hospital (OUS), and worked fulltime in the same hospital as a consultant psychiatrist till 2016.
  • Associate Professor UiO and parttime consultant psychiatrist OUS since 2016
  • PhD, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, 2006.
  • Master of Philosophy (M. Phil)  in International Health from University of Oslo, 2001
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal, 1995
  • Interested and worked in Trauma Research, Stress, PTSD, Psychooncology, Transcultural Psychiatry, Perinatal Psychiatry, Migration and Global Mental Health
Tags: Global mental health, trauma. transcultural psychiatry


  • ABRAHAM, RUTH; Leonhardt, Marja; Hanssen, Ingrid; Hauff, Edvard; Lien, Lars & Thapa, Suraj Bahadur (2021). The relationship between religiosity/spirituality and well-being among Eritrean female refugees living in Norwegian asylum centres.. International Journal of Social Psychiatry.  ISSN 0020-7640. . doi:
  • Koirala, Rishav; Søegaard, Erik Ganesh Iyer; Ojha, Saroj Prasad; Hauff, Edvard & Thapa, Suraj B. (2020). Trauma related psychiatric disorders and their correlates in a clinical sample: A cross-sectional study in trauma affected patients visiting a psychiatric clinic in Nepal. PLOS ONE.  ISSN 1932-6203.  15(6), s e0234203 . doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0234203 Full text in Research Archive.
  • Søegaard, Erik Ganesh Iyer; Kan, Zhanna; Koirala, Rishav; Hauff, Edvard & Thapa, Suraj Bahadur (2020). Variations in psychiatric morbidity between traumatized Norwegian, refugees and other immigrant patients in Oslo. Nordic Journal of Psychiatry.  ISSN 0803-9488.  74(6), s 390- 399 . doi: 10.1080/08039488.2020.1714724 Full text in Research Archive.
  • Koirala, Rishav; Søegaard, Erik Ganesh Iyer & Thapa, Suraj Bahadur (2017). Updates on pharmacological treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. Journal of Nepal Medical Association.  ISSN 0028-2715.  56(206), s 274- 280 . doi: 10.31729/jnma.3108 Full text in Research Archive.
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  • Sapkota, Dipak; Thapa, Suraj Bahadur; Hasseus, Bengt & Jensen, Janicke Liaaen (2020). Saliva testing for COVID-19?. British Dental Journal.  ISSN 0007-0610. . doi:
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  • Suraj, Bahadur Thapa (2006). Population based studies of mental health among migrants in Nepal and Norway:migration and adversity in different contexts.

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